Kommutatoren & Schleifringkörper Finsterwalde GmbH

Quality Management

We owe our high standards of quality to an extensive system of quality assurance measures. They are certified against and aligned with the demands of DIN ISO 9001:2000. We have documented our quality management system in a process-oriented management manual, which we are happy to make available to interested customers. In scheduled internal audits and reviews, the executive body reviews and assesses the effectiveness of the management system. We have modern facilities at our disposal for the varied tests in goods receipt, production and final inspection and for product development.

As such, we are able, for example, to directly depict, present and measure the behaviour of our commutators under variable operating conditions (temperature, speed) on our dynamic centrifugal test bench. In the interests of a high level of customer satisfaction, we work continuously on the improvement of all quality-relevant processes.

All commutators and slip ring bodies delivered are subjected to 100 per cent of the electrical test.

Test machines

A variety of machines are used to ensure our high quality standards. These have sometimes been specially manufactured to meet the specific test criteria.

Name Special features Manufacturer
Dynamic centrifugal test bench for commutators up to Ø 80 mm Up to 60,000 rpm
Detection of shape changes during the test run
Conventional centrifugal test bench Up to Ø 150 mm
Up to 10,000 -1
Special manufacture
Conventional centrifugal test bench Up to Ø 400 mm
Up to 6000 -1
Special manufacture
Formtester MMQ3 Up to Ø 400 mm Perthen
Hardness testing machine Vickers, Brinell HGW
Roughness testing device Hommel
Universal measuring microscope Up to 300 mm travel Zeiss
Tool microscope Up to 150 mm travel Zeiss
Division measuring machine For slot and segment division Zeiss
Insulation measuring device 500 V / 1000 V
Electrical test bench for dielectric strength For commutators up to Ø 400mm
Automatic test sequence
Up to 500 V test voltage
Special manufacture
High-voltage test stand for commutators and slip ring bodies Up to 6000 V /AC Special manufacture