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The KSF Kommutatoren und Schleifringkörper Finsterwalde GmbH machine park has a wide range of presses, lathes, milling machines and other equipment for the production of a wide range of products.

As part of our quality management, we use further testing equipment in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Our machine park for production comprises the following machines.

Hydraulic presses between 10 – 160 tonnes27 pieces
Eccentric presses between 15 – 160 tonnes9 pieces
Rolling and drawing units for the production of copper profiles4 pieces
Punching machines8 pieces
Conventional lathes8 pieces
CNC lathes5 pieces
Cycle-controlled machines6 pieces
Automatic commutator milling machines for slotting and undercutting7 pieces
Automated production lines for the manufacture of small collectors2 pieces
Injection moulding machine for Duroplast moulded parts1 piece
Broaching machine for keyways1 piece
Horizontal metal band saw1 piece
Vertical milling machines2 pieces
Horizontal milling machine1 piece
Surface grinding machine1 piece
Wire eroding machine1 piece
Wet grinding machine for individual parts of the commutator1 piece
Hydraulic scissors1 piece